Heavy Rain in the Desert
Heavy Rain in the Desert
  • Wee Jeong-je
  • 승인 2021.08.30 14:08
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Dubai’s artificial rain (Provided by hankookilbo)
Dubai’s artificial rain (Provided by hankookilbo)

 On July 21, Dubai sprayed artificial rainfall to cool down the heatwave near 50 degrees Celsius. Dubai receives only about 100mm of annual precipitation. Dubai has spent about $15 million since 2017 to study artificial rainfall to solve these problems.
  Dubai’s artificial rainfall method is different from other countries. The U.S. and China spray chemicals such as potassium iodide by aircraft and rockets into the atmosphere. But Dubai used drones to send electric charges into the atmosphere, clumping clouds into rain. In this way, heavy rain was possible in Dubai, where annual precipitation is 100mm. Artificial rainfall can be an excellent way to prevent water shortages and desertification.
  Is artificial rainfall safe? Spraying chemicals such as potassium and silver iodides can lead to ocean acidification, ozone destruction, and carcinogenesis. It can also affect the climate and environment of the surrounding regions and countries.
  The problem surrounding artificial rainfall is not limited to the environment. The lack of research on artificial rainfall has yet to determine the side effects. It is also a big problem that there are no international laws or rules controlling artificial rainfall. If there is no regulation, it will likely lead to conflicts between countries.
  If technological advances allow artificial rainfall to be used without significant side effects, the earth’s environment could change significantly. Food problems, as well as desertification and large forest fires, can be solved. However, careful and precise research and consensus are needed since it is not easy in reality and could lead to conflict between countries.

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