344th Information
344th Information
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2015 Second Semester Lecture Evaluation

A. Period 2015.11.30 (Mon) 10:00 - 2015.12.04 (Fri) 24:00

B. Subject of Evaluation 2015 second semester all subjects ※ Except for work experience, special lecture, medical subject and other designated subjects

C. Method of Participation: Homepage → URP total information system → Log-in → Class management → Lecture evaluation → Read instructions for course evaluation → Click courses → Answer the questionnaire → Click Save

Rural Area Development Policy Analysis at Home and Abroad

A. Time: 2015.12.11(Thu) 15:00 -

B. Location: Seminar room in the Korea Institute for balanced development

Deficiency of microRNA miR-34a Expands Cell Fate Potential in Pluripotent Stem Cells

A. Time: 2015.12.11(Thu) 11:00 -

B. Location: YB room in Biotechnology Department

C. Speaker: Choi Yong-jin (University of California, Berkeley)

Nation's Growth and The Role of Korea Rural Community Corporation

A. Time: 2015.12.18 (Tue) 13:00 -

B. Place: Seminar room at the Korea Institute for the balanced development

C. Speaker: Kim Yong-soo, a vice-president of Korea Rural Community Corporation

2015 Winter Session Special Korean and TOPIK Lecture for Foreigners

A. Target: Foreigner

B. Application Period: 11.25 (Wed) - 12.08 (Tue)

C. Method of Application: Apply directly at the Korean education center (International Interchange Center Rm - 212)

D. Period: Korean special lecture: 2015.12.14 Mon) - 2016.01.14 (Thu) TOPIK: 2015.12.14 - 2016.01.07

E. Document for Submission: Application for special lecture

F. Tuition Payment: 11.25 (Wed) - 12.08 (Tue), Daegu Bank 9100011272346, Yeungnam University

G. Tuition: 250,000 won

H. Divided Class Test: 12.10 (Thu), 14:00 (Korean education center)

2015 Second Semester Final Exam

A. Period 2015.12.11 (Fri) - 12.17 (Thu)

B. Time

a. Liberal arts, teaching profession subjects, general selective subjects: 09:30 - 13:00

b. Major subject: 13:10 - 17:00

c. Evening classes: From 18:30

C. Supplemental Exam Period 2015.12.18 (Fri)

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