I love Singapore!
I love Singapore!
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 We were selected for a program named ‘Window to the world’ which was held by the Yeungnam University International Center. This program involves two or three students making a team and thinking about a subject. Students then perform assignments relating to finding things that are lackat our university and they try to find the vision of the future by interviewing other institutions or schools.

 We left for Singapore as soon as our vacation started. Our team examined Singapore’s welfare support for dispeople and some welfare facilities. We visited two institutions, interpeople relating to our subject, finished our assignment and then made a presentation of our findings. Our trip lasted for two weeks and except for interviewing people for two days, we were free to travel within Singapore. At first, the humidity was so high that we had difficult breathing but after few days we became adapted to it. In Singapore, there are lots of tourist atso people need to buy many tickets. Buying tickets directly at the attractions is too expensive so people can buy tickets for a cheaper price in travel agencies located in Singapore’s china town. Singapore is relatively small, so tourists can see most of its attractions in 7 days. We went to Little India for our first time. It seemed like China and Inwere coexisting in one place. There was also a big souvenir shop called the Mustafa center.

 Then, we went to China town to taste some famous food Kaya toast. It was the first time that we had ever tried it.

 Next, we went to Buggis to see the Arab Street and went to the represenattraction ‘Marinabaysands,’ There, we could see an amazing night view complimented with a laser show. We also rode a flier to see Singapore at a glance.

 The next day, we went to Sentosa which is a famous for vacation spot.

 We took a monorail to go to a Unistudio. The universal studio left us speechless. It was like we were in a fairy tale. We had fallen for Santosa’s charms, so we went to there again just a few days later. We took a kart named luge and saw a variety of marine life at the S.E.A. Aquarium.

 The day after, we went to Clarke Quay. We ate chili crab for lunch, but it wasn’t delicious considering the expensive price. The highlight of Clarke Quay was at night. The river and the surrounding beautiful scenery caught our attention. Especially, we could feel a young energy, so if you want to go a bar or a restaurant, we would highly recommend Clarke Quay. Then, we went to a Night Safari. We could not forget the Thumbuakar Performance with very big elephants and lions. Also, we went to the Botanic Gardens. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site recently. The Botanic Gardens had a variety of theme and the admission was free. The last day, we took a tour of the city using a hippo bus. We were in trouble because of an unexpected situations during this trip. However, we could gain confidence after making a mistake by asking a passerby for directions and making friends with other foreigners who were backpacking through Singapore. Also, we felt the world is very wide. If you have not been on a trip yet, we really recommend applying for the Window to the World program. Even if you are not applying for this program, you should go somewhere right now. You can have new experiences and gain a wide perspective.




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