New Slogan Has Been Chosen for YU!
New Slogan Has Been Chosen for YU!
  • Hong Ye-ji, Heo Dong-hwa
  • 승인 2015.04.06 17:39
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Ownership is selected as Yeungnam University’s theme in 2015, meaning that all students should be conscious of it. For this reason, YU held an annual campaign slogan contest of 2015, targeting the faculty, students, and people who love YU. This was held through YU’s official page in Facebook or Instagram to nominate the slogan. Now, let’s find out which slogan was nominated and have an interview with the winner of the contest.


Contest Results
By holding the contest from the end of December to January, a total of 144 campaign phrases were filed and out of those, ten nominations were picked out after the initial evaluation from the Publicity Committee of YU. They nominated winning slogan, which is “First Step towards the Future Starts from Us.” and five runner-ups by the number of “Like” on Facebook and intranet electronic voting survey. The winners are three faculty members, two students and a local resident.


Interview with the headquarter, Lee Won-young from the Office of Secretary and Public Relations

Q) What is the purpose and the reason of holding a YU annual campaign of 2015?
A) The annual campaign leads all the people in the university to become united and achieves a culture of lively and cohesive college campus. We began this from 2014 in an attempt to shape a bright future of YU by ourselves. Through a public faculty contest in 2014, we accomplished a campaign of “Positivity makes Hope, Hope makes a Future.” for the first time. This year, we repeated the annual campaign phrase contest, targeting not only the faculty, but also students and people who love YU by our webpage, Facebook and Instagram. The process of suggesting the slogan for a campaign is a significant motivator to have a lot of attention and love for YU, and so we expanded the number of entries.

Q) What’s the reason for selecting ‘Ownership’ as YU slogan in 2015?
A) The purpose of this slogan is because the year of the sheep symbolizes unity, consideration and hope, as the owner of our school, we should be respectful and should practice first to make a bright future of YU. Also, YU should look ahead to the future. Also, YU members need to specialize in education and research and should have responsibility and sense of duty as community members to solve an assignment, which is a critical crisis of reduction in the number of students. Therefore, they should foster knowledge and contribute to a local community.


Interview with the winner, Lee Eun-ah from the Department of International Cooperation

Q) Why did you participate in the annual campaign slogan contest?
A) I graduated from Yeungnam University and got a job in YU, so it is true that the affection of our school is extraordinary. Thus, at the start of 2015, I participated in the annual campaign slogan contest to work hard while thinking about our university during the whole year.
Q) What is the meaning of the slogan?
A) First of all, the subject for slogan should include the meaning of a leading school with ownership. My slogan was “First Step towards the Future Starts from You.” This means first step for a better future starts from each member of our university, and we can go ahead towards the future when we do our best in our positions.
Q) The word “you” in your slogan changed to “us.” Do you know why it was changed?
A) I did not change the phrase which I submitted. The word was changed because the phrase “Starts from You” includes a passive meaning, but the phrase “Starts from Us” includes an active meaning.

Q) To students:
A) The best thing is to do one’s best in their positions. I will do my best for my duty as long as I can help students. So if all of the students do their duty well, they can make the best university.


This year’s annual campaign will specify through monthly practices, which emphasizes YU member’s ownership. At the start of March, a new semester, we are going to spread the movement about ‘Smile First and Say Hello.’ All of the Yeungnam University members should participate actively with ownership. Lastly, if each person on campus practices greeting with a smiling face first, not only our campus, but also our region will be happy.

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