The biggest festival linking the human heart with nature
The biggest festival linking the human heart with nature
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• Subject: ‌Garden of the earth, Suncheon Bay (nature and human, area and world, share and enjoyment)
• Scale of participation: ‌23 countries including Germany, France, and America, 83 gardens
• Location: ‌The whole area of Pungdeok-dong and Ocheon-dong, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do and Suncheon Bay
• Period of event: April 30th - October 20th in 2013
• Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
• Entrance fee: Adults 16,000 won, Adolescents 12,000 won, Children 8,000 won
• Significance: ‌It shares and exhibits various cultural gardening technology from the future and presents a new vision about sustainable city development and ecological environment.

All through the morning, the weather was beautiful. We rode the bus for 3 hours from East Daegu bus terminal and arrived at the Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013. Our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we saw the extensive scale of the fairground of the Expo. We could not imagine how big it could be. Due to the vast scale of the event, we could see tour buses everywhere. There are 2,000 buses available for reservation. Though we could get a lot of information from our tour guide by a tour bus, we decided not to take a tour bus and we walked along to enjoy the landscape and scenery thoroughly.

GEO East Gate → Indoor Garden / Plants Factory
We chose the 5 hour course, and the Indoor Garden was our first destination. We saw a variety of gardens that made the best use of landscaping art and eco-friendly natural materials which is difficult to direct indoors.

World Garden Zone
We looked at the gardens created by gardeners from many nations. We passed through the Kids’ Garden, and gardens from various countries like the American Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Italian Garden, and the Dutch Garden. They had characteristics different from each other, so these gardens were pleasing to look at.

Italian Garden → Suncheon Lake Garden
The thing that caught our eyes the most was the Suncheon Lake Garden that took up a large part of the expo ground. The Suncheon Lake Garden has different landscapes, for example, the Nanbong slope, the Bonghwa slope and 6 other slopes. The landscape of the expo grounds was breathtaking.

Suncheon Lake Garden → Dream Bridge
The Dream Bridge that we were most looking forward to seeing connects the two expo grounds that are divided by the Dong-cheon River. We looked into the realm of childhood that was decorated with 145,000 drawings by children from all over the world. If you combine the words that are drawn on the wall that divides into two bridges, you can read funny statements like“the difference of jjajang and jajang is price.”

Dream Bridge → Korean Traditional Garden
The Palace Garden at the Expo takes its inspiration from the grounds of Gyeongbok Palace and Changdeok Palace which most Korean gardens draw inspiration from. Therefore we were able to rest in the Sesim-pavillion of the Palace Garden as if we were queens.

Korean Traditional Garden → Suncheon Bay International Wetland Center
The International Wetland Center was our final destination. This is where spectators can experience many episodes linked to Suncheon Bay. The flapping sounds of the water birds and flamingos filled our ears and made us feel better about leaving even though we felt like there was still much more to experience.

We came to appreciate the painstaking work that went into creating the exhibits at the Expo because this Expo was held for the first time in Korea. The success of the Expo has been proven as over 2 million people have come here over 60 days. This expo has established its place as a space for ecological and cultural experience for many people. If you go there, you can make an indelible memory with your family, your sweetheart, or your friends. We know that these healing gardens will draw new breath into your heart and soul.

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