What Are Your Expectations of Our New President?
What Are Your Expectations of Our New President?
  • Dong-Bin Li
  • 승인 2013.04.02 21:06
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I’m Li Dongbin, an exchange student from Jiangsu University, China. I had a great time last term at YU. Everything went very well. I got to know many Korean friends. However, through my communication with them, I found that Korean students are not very familiar with China. They know little about the great changes China is undergoing. Also, they have some misunderstandings about Chinese society. I think it’s important to strengthen communication between Korean students and Chinese students. I suggest you organize some activities for Chinese students to give us a chance to introduce our country to the Korean students. It’s easy to deepen understanding through these kinds of activities. It is also good for Chinese students to know more about Korean culture.As we all know, there are various communities on campus. In Korea, campus activities are particularly rich and colorful. Establishing circles dealing with Chinese society and culture to attract Korean students will be a great way for Korean students to learn about China. We can organize some activities to celebrate Chinese traditional festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Double Seventh Day. The Double Seventh Day is considered the Chinese Valentine’s Day, a sweetheart’s day and there is a romantic story behind it. Also, every morning when the college broadcast station plays news, they can add some news about China.I don’t mean you must organize activities that deal exclusively with China, but it could be a good chance for Chinese, Korean, and other exchange students to have fun together.There are some Chinese students’ organizations that provide services for Chinese students. They already have some events like celebrating Chinese festivals to our culture. However, I think it’s necessary for the Korean students’ union to host some activities like that, so more Korean students can take part in them. I hope you will adopt my suggestion.

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