What Do You Think about Students who Purchase Very Expensive Things or Luxury Items?
What Do You Think about Students who Purchase Very Expensive Things or Luxury Items?
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Suvonova Hulkar

In the past, luxury products were considered a privilege to possess. The word “luxury” was applied to products that were rare and scarce, and they were only presented to a select few individuals. However, in recent times the luxury goods market has grown considerably, and luxury products have become more affordable for middle class consumers. One study investigated whether or not there is a significant difference between students who consume luxury products in western and eastern countries. For example, at American universities, students buy luxury goods for self fulfillment, rather than to please others. Moreover, they think pleasure is all that matters. Surveys of students in France indicated they value luxury items because they are expensive and exclusive, and many luxury goods originate in France. Cultural heritage and pride might have made them feel luxury is not for everyone. In fact, teenagers are concerned about fashion value more than any other age group. With the proliferation of the internet, mobile phones and satellite television, young people are constantly bombarded with images of people who have things they want. In addition, interaction with peers influences consumers into purchasing luxury goods. It is common to want what your neighbors or friends have. However, consuming luxury products can also come from personal desires and tastes. In conclusion, a growing number of young consumers, especially university students, now have a taste for luxury goods. Even though most of us cannot afford these kinds of products, it doesn’t stop us from wanting them. It’s natural to want the “good things in life,” but before we actively pursue them, we need to find happiness from within and not from the things we carry.

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