Nadricall: Transportation for the Physically Challenged
Nadricall: Transportation for the Physically Challenged
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In 2009, the Daegu Infrastructure Corporation All Right Reserved institute for special transportation created “Nadricall,” which is a transportation service for severely disabled people and senior citizens over 65 who are not able to move about freely and have difficulty using regular public transportation. Nadricall services are available through an application process. Presently, there are nearly 100 Nadricall cars and they are increasing all the time. 70 cars have been remodeled into 12 seat units, and another 30 cars look like regular taxis. The charge for using this service is about 30 percent cheaper than regular taxis. Moreover, passengers can be charged for using this service in Daegu is less than 3,300 won and from Daegu to Gyeongsan-si and Chilgok-gun is still inexpensive at less than 6,600 won with no special charge. Nadricall is a good first step to help Daegu’s physically challenged citizens to get moving again. (Inquiry in Daegu 1577-6776) (Apply:

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