Fall in Love with Live Baseball
Fall in Love with Live Baseball
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The 2012 Korean baseball league will open its season on April 7th. There will be particular interest in the return of Seung-Yeop Lee to the Samsung Lions and Chan-Ho Park to the Hanwha Eagles. The addition of these stars will make fans look forward to the 2012 season even more than usual. Passion for baseball is increasing every year. Moreover, more people are watching games live in the stadium. Why is going to the staduium to watch the games growing in popularity? It is because there are so many things going on in addition to the game when you go and watch it live. Come and get a glimpse of the charm of live baseball with the Observer.

Samsung Lions Daegu is the hometown of the Samsung Lions, and their home stadium is citizen's stadium, located at 6, Goseong-dong 3-ga, Buk-gu near the Opera House. The stadium has a seating capacity of 10,000 and there are 10 to 15 games a month during the season. Ticket prices vary according to the quality of the seats, but most tickets cost around 10,000 won, so people can enjoy the games without spending a lot of money. The Samsung Lions were the 2011 Korean baseball league champions. In addition, they won the Asia Series chapionship becoming the first Korean team to accomplish this feat.

How to enjoy live baseball There are many ways to enjoy yourself at the baseball stadium. First, we can enjoy ourselves through the stadium tickets. Ticket numbers are printed on the back of the tickets. During TV timeouts, people at the stadium can receive a variety of goods and small prizes through a random draw which is announced on the scoreboard. In addition, the back of the ticket has a seating chart, so people can find their seats easily. Secondly, we can enjoy ourselves through the electronic scoreboard. Men can propose to their girlfriends and anyone can show letters of thanks publicly at the games. Anyone can participate in this easily through the club's homepage. If the camera finds a couple in the crowd, then the couple should kiss for everyone in the stadium to see. Third, we can enjoy the cheers. Cheering is the best thing about being in the baseball stadium. In particular, the name of each player is announced with popular music, so it is even more fun. In addition, cheerleaders dance in front of the crowd during the game, so they can inspire the crowd to cheer. Moreover, each club's mascot characters lead the cheering songs, so everybody can follow along easily. If we have team T-shirts, hats and cheering aids, we can enjoy it even more. Additionally, there is a lot to enjoy before and after the game. Before the game, the players hold a signing event for their fans outside the stadium. There are also various non-baseball events. For example, nail art, face painting, a prize wheel, and other things. During break times, people can participate in a contest for beer drinking. The MC gives pizza and beer to the winner. There are also occasional fireworks displays in order to wish for victory. If you buy some food at the stadium you can satisfy your eyes and your stomach. Chicken and beer are stadium favorites. After the game, you can talk to the players, and take pictures with them. Local fans can win a ride home in a limousine through a lottery. Finally, your seat is important in the baseball stadium. Reserved seats or seats along the third base line are ideal. The important thing is to select a seat that is a little elevated because if you sit in the lower level there is a possibility your view could be blocked because of the net.

Interview with a student who had a part-time job at citizen's stadium Jeong-Eun Kim, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Q) Tell us about a memorable time at the stadium.
A) When Seoung-Hwan Oh achieved 200 saves, I was working at ctizen's stadium. We had a fireworks display to celebrate his accomplishment. Suddenly, one worker reported that a fire had broken out at the electronic scoreboard. We called 119, and I was applauded because I helped the crowd evacuate. It was funny that Seoung-Hwan Oh, who “put out fires on the mound” called the fire truck which put out a real fire. It was a really frenzied moment.

 Q) Why is live baseball better?
A) Of course, baseball games are also interesting to watch on television, but it is different seeing it live in the baseball stadium. When people cheer at a game, the home team and the visiting team's fans have spirit fights with each other. The passion for the game feels moe intense in the baseball stadium than it is on television. Moreover, the thrill of witnessing a grand-slam home run in person is the bomb.

Q) What is most enjoyable about live baseball?
A) I think the best thing is the cheering. Of course, it is still interesting to watch baseball if you only sit and do nothing else. However, when you use the cheering aids, and sing the fight song for the players along with the cheerleaders, it can release the stress of the day.

When you go watch a game live there are so many fun things happening. In addition, even people who are just a little interested in sports will be able to enjoy the game. What do you think about going to the stadium to watch the 2012 Korea baseball league instead of just watching the games on TV at home? We can go to the baseball stadium with lovers or friends, so we can leave with various memories, so give live baseball a try.

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