Daegu Civic Baseball Park Must Be Improved
Daegu Civic Baseball Park Must Be Improved
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Daegu Civic Baseball Park Must Be Improved
 Daegu civic baseball park opened on April, 20th, 1948 and is being used as Samsung's home stand. Daegu civic baseball park that is into sixthy-third this year got E grade in safety ratings of plant maintenance office despite entire improvement in 1981 and 95. In 2010 Daegu civic baseball park got B grade but local government invested in exterior of the building and baseball park was not improved. The baseball game was stopped because of accident caused by blackout on April 16th this year. At last sports promoters gave notice that lighting towers are not restored immediately and declared suspended-game. Currently local government administer Daegu civic baseball park. Baseball park of facilities causes controversy but local government invests only in newly builded baseball park. Daegu civic baseball park is left unsettled. Daegu civic baseball park is planning to be used as ballpark for students and amateurs when new baseball park is builded. Daegu civic baseball park must be improved for not only convenience of citizens but also safety of athletes.

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