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Billy was a boy who was forced to take boxing lessons, but Billy didn’t have any talent for boxing. One day, during boxing practice, he had a chance to participate in the ballet class that was being conducted in the corner of the boxing gym. Billy became fascinated by the atmosphere and music. Through the encouragement of the ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy comes to love ballet. She realized he was very talented. His father and brother didn’t want him to do ballet because they came from a community where people believed men should not do ballet. Billy was forced to stop dancing. However, at Christmas when Billy put on a show for his friend to demonstrate his dancing, his father saw it and realized how talented Billy was.
The movie ‘Billy Elliot’ deals with a young man’s self-realization. I think he was able to find self-fulfillment because of his ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson. It was great that Mrs. Wilkinson recognized Billy’s talent even though they lived in a coal-mining town. Mrs. Wilkinson helps Billy realize what he wants to accomplish in dance by giving him an assignment to bring things he considers to be precious, and to think about how he wants to represent these things through dance.
Billy had to overcome the fact that he lived in a conservative rural town. I think most people go through life without finding solutions to these problems. In the end, Billy flies like a bird when he dances. The scene is just a reappearance of his young day dream. He may have been a social outcast growing up, but he just found himself became free to express his inner nature. Maybe I also have a dormant talent and true qualities. However, I sometimes ask myself, am I living in an environment where I will not be able to find the thing that brings joy to my life like Billy’s childhood?

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