I did not Murder Him
I did not Murder Him
  • Rumilya Saitova
  • 승인 2010.11.18 14:41
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Have you ever seen I, Robot ? Nowadays, advancement in scientific technology isaccompanied by many problems. Let's hear about problems of advancement in scientifictechnology as seem in the movie I, Robot .“I has became appallingly obviousthat our technology has exceededour humanity”Albert EinsteinAdvancements in technology andscience have solved many problems.However they have also created newproblems. Technology and science,since booming in the early 20thcentury, have played and continue toplay an important role in our lives.Our lives have become easier due toadvanced technology. Howevermany people don’t think about thekind of problems brought on bythese advancements in technology.The movie and the book I, Robot isthe best example of problems whichcan be created by advances intechnology and science. The movieand the book are really differenthowever the main idea of the bookand the movie is the same.When I was in my country(Uzbekistan) I worked as a highschool English teacher. I decided todo an experiment with my students;you know nowadays peopleespecially the younger generationsreally have a great interest intechnology. They can’t imagine lifewithout computers and mobilephones. It is possible that after20-25 years the next generationwon’t be able to imagine like withoutrobots. In my experiment, I justwanted to show to my students howrobots can be harmful for humanbeings. We watched this movietogether and I really hoped that theywould be able to realize this issue bythemselves. Actually my experimentwas successful. Most of mystudents were against the overuseof robots, but at the same time theyreally understood that creatingrobots is very important forimproving technology. Yet we shouldnot forget that technology can makeit possible for people to gain controlover everything, except over thetechnology itself.If you have watched this movie,you know that it states the threelaws by which robots can exist; 1. Arobot may not injure a human beingor though inaction allows a humanbeing to come to harm. 2. A robotmust obey given it by human beingsexcept where such orders wouldconflict with the first law. 3. A robotmust protect its own existence assuch protection does not conflictwith the first and second law.Why would robots beprogrammed with these laws? Dorobots have a conscience? Do theyhave a will? Do they have instincts?In this movie you can see the linebetween human being and robots.At first sight many people can saythere is no substantial differencebetween robots and man. Howeverwho creates robots? It’s the man.Man becomes a creator of life. If aman can create life that means manaspires to become God doesn't it?In my opinion, the greatest dangerconcerning modern technology isn’tthat machines will begin to thinklike people. It is that people willbegin to think like machines.If you are a person who is forcreating robots like in the movie andlive with them just ask yourself. Wetrust them with our homes,children, and lives. But can they betrusted?

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