Children, Finding Dreams in Arts
Children, Finding Dreams in Arts
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Real Conditions around the WorldIn Venezuela, poverty and the number of poor children are classified by age. The percentage of poor children from ages 0-5 is 62%, ages 6-12 61%, and ages 13-17 52%. The percentage of children aged 15-19 years with no education in Venezuela is about 60%, and they are exploited laborers who often wander the street. In America the number of people below the poverty line is 36,500,000. The percentage of children who fall below the line is 17.6% Many children and teenagers are exposed to gun violence, addiction to drugs, violence at home and rape in Venezuela. There are often shootings in the middle of the day. Venezuela has the highest crime rate in South America. General crime has gradually decreased since 2003, but major crimes have increased since August 2005. In 2007, the number of crimes increased by 260,000. According to government statistics, there are about 1,300,000 cases of murder. This number has doubled in 10 years as compared with 1998. In the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia and Serbia's crime rates are 10%. Croatia has a 5% crime rate. Crime has also become crueler than ever before. In Japan, 150,000 more teenagers have been arrested over the past 2 years.Why They Need EducationPoverty in childhood and during teenage years can have negative effects on physical and intellectual development.Teenage crime is more serious than ever. As modern society progresses, the number and types of crime increase quantitatively. There has also been an increase in particularly cruel criminals. The result has been a drastic change of social dynamics driven by economic development. Another reason for crime comes from stimulating disharmony in human relationships. These crimes lead to violence, theft and rape. El Sistema, Music to Change LifeEl Sistema is a musical education foundation supported by Venezuela. It was originally called the social movement for music, and its formal name in Venezuela is the National Youth Orchestra system. El Sistema was founded by Jose Antonio Abreu and adopted for criminals who couldn’t change. Its aim is to build the nation's future. At first, it was established with just eleven members who supplied classical music instruments and taught classical music. El Sistema's aim is to teach and reform children and prevent crime. It also helps to develop well-rounded people. El Sistema not only teaches music, but also social change through music. Students respect each other in the community and are accountable for their own actions. Venezuela provides capital for the program regardless of current economic conditions. The latest members perform with paper instruments, and they learn to get along with other members. If a child wants to learn to play an instrument, they all receive instruments. Jose Antonio Abreu emphasized the most important thing is El Sistema's open system. Although El Sistema began as a musical education program, they have input art philosophy and music management to foster musicians and managers of culture and art. Due to the success of El Sistema, Venezuela has become a powerful musical nation which has 200 orchestras. El Sistema has also produced many celebrities. Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel is a member of El Sistema. He has taken part since he was 10 years old. He has made a steady and persistent effort and became music director of the Simon Bolivar orchestra in 1999 at just 18 years old. Moreover, he made inroads into the foreign music world including symphony orchestras, philharmonics, and even operas. He is famous for his speedy tempo and passion. Diego Matthaus began to study violin at 9 years old through El Sistema. The saying "He holds a baton at 20 years old, and stirs the world at 25 years old” is about him. Edikseun Matiz born in Caracas, the most dangerous city in Venezuela, entered the Berlin philharmonic as its youngest member ever. Celebrities of El Sistema are accountable to their country, and they always appreciate that. Students from El Sistema have gone to university after finishing high school education. Venezuela has decreased its poverty and crime. Its volunteers for the country's development has made it powerful nation. The world has recognized the importance of music and found the power of music thanks to El Sistema. Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador have sent teachers to learn the El Sistema model. California in the U.S. is planning to model a program after El Sistema. Ballet El SistemaThe NutcrackerNational Ballet Project, Ballet El SistemaBallet El Sistema comes from El Sistema. The national ballet project helps children living amid drug addiction, crime and desperate poverty. The Universal Ballet Company wanted to celebrate the troupe's 25th anniversary with something special, and when they learned about Gustavo Dudamel and El Sistema, where he learned music, they instantly came up with the idea for "Ballet El Sistema". It is a campaign where by the Universal Ballet Company gives opportunities to underprivileged children living in poverty-stricken areas to learn ballet systematically.It also contributes to public welfare as a means of unifying the nation. The Universal Ballet Company selects talented people from low-income families who want to learn ballet and gives them an all-expenses-paid scholarship. It helps children who would otherwise let their talents go to waste because of difficult circumstances. If their talents are great, they will appear in a performance.InterviewSo-Young Lim, team leader of Universal Ballet Company Q. When did Ballet El Sistema start?A. When performing on April 2009, we started Ballet El Sistema first. Our motto is "I am because we are" and it was thought up by the head of the Universal Ballet Company Hoon-Suk Moon. In other words, we exist owing to your existence. Finally, we started contributions to public welfare. Q. How do you select students? And what are their situations?A. Last year Yu-Ni Kim was selected as a scholarship student, so the company supported the organization of the ballet academy for nothing. The company provided programs until she entered the Universal Ballet company. She showed great talent in last December. She used a nickname because the company needs to protect the children. Dramatically, we found out that the child was North Korean after selecting the supporting children. We were surprised at this fact and were deeply touched.Q. Do you have any programs like Ballet El Sistema?A. We have programs similar to Ballet El Sistema, but not exactly the same. For example, the Beautiful Foundation sold ballet clothes that our ballerinos and ballerinas wore twice. There is also a Marching Grant, and it stages performances for neglected classes of people. We invite contributions, and the company prepares tickets for the people and we bear 50% of the expense. Marching Grant has performed programs since started. 3200 people have seen our performances. Our dancers performed a total of 45 times, and the money from the performances were donated to UNICEF.Q. What is the impact of Ballet El Sistema?Generally, Many people think that ballet is only for the rich. Ballet El Sistema gives the people opportunities to connect with ballet easily. We teach that ballet is accessible. Throughout the world, many children deal with poverty and crime. El Sistema and Ballet El Sistema work along positive lines for underprivileged children who don't know the virtues of positive socialization. As we see the results of reformation programs, we should enjoy the fruits. Originally, entering university was very difficult in Venezuela. However, children who complete the entire course in El Sistema go on to university at a very high rate. The reason they are so successful is that they learned a sense of public morality and the value of learning. We can easily find children who deal with being poor, poverty, crime, but Korea tends to forgive easily because of youth. Our country needs to carry out programs like El Sistema, so all of our children will at least have a chance to find their true value.

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