Ultimate Resolution to Dokdo
Ultimate Resolution to Dokdo
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Jung Ho-hyung, Post-graduate
Mechanical Engineering
  The Republic of Korea and Japan have continually disputed the sovereignty of Dokdo island, both of them claiming it to be their own.
  Obviously there is much evidence and many illustrations that can verify our sovereignty of the island. The Sukjong Chronicle says Ahn Yong-bok protested Japanese fishermen's invasion of Dokdo after being kidnapped by them and then officially reaffirmed our sovereignty through a diplomatic document. The Geographical True Record of King Sejong, Sinjeung Dongguk Yeojiseungram, Meiji Government's official document and the Cairo Declaration, the earliest document of these, all say the same thing. I guess the readers will obviously agree with the idea "Dokdo belongs to Korea". So do I.
  But, what I really want to mention is not merely the facts. Seeing this matter from a historical standpoint will help us understand this situation more objectively. Powerful countries have constantly plundered other countries so far and the situation is not so much changed these days. Whenever our nation was in trouble internally or externally, the powerful neighboring countries raided us and asked for a one-sided treaty with territory. On the other hand, our exclusive lords at the period of their prosperity tried to broaden the nation's territory to north with the cause that the territory had originally been possessed by them.
  Today, many powerful countries pretend to conserve peace. But when it comes to an oil-related or territory-related problem, the words "The weak is the prey of the strong" seems to be the practical rule that dominates the whole world. Did Palestinians do something wrong? Why should they lose their own land and be evacuated compulsorily? Chechen's calling for independence is illegal? America's invasion of Iraq by force for oil doesn't matter? Can Japanese ambition for Dokdo be justified? That's ridiculous! But what shouldn't happen is happening in the world. Justice seems to be on the side of the haves. If we were stronger than Japan economically and in armaments, they wouldn't belittle us or request our territory.
  So, I believe being rich in economy and arms are the best way to win the struggle to safeguardour territory forever. Many developed countries have acquired their peace and freedom by struggling against the opposite. Democracy was also obtained by strife. Our national leader Kim Koo said "If you want peace, be prepared for war". It is time to fight for Dokdo against Japan, which will be the starting point of our efforts to win real independence.

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