GENTEC Meets Environment
GENTEC Meets Environment
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In the movie The Host, the host is caused from illegal discharging of formaldehyde. The host's vomit includes garbage such as an empty bottle and a can. The movie suggests that the host is a product of environmental disease which is caused by human beings. Humans should coexist with the environment. But, human egoism is overflowing these days. In other words, we consider the environment as merely a source of consumer goods. As a result of human egoism, toxic chemicals pollute our rivers. We feel uneasy about everything - the water we drink, the air we breathe, our food, and etc.. These aspects hint that the present era may be recorded as the most miserable era.
  To cope with ever increasing concerns over our environment, there is a research center working for the environment at Yeungnam University (YU). The center is called Gyeongbuk Regional Environmental Technology Development Center (GENTEC). This center has conducted research related to environmental problems of Gyeongbuk province. Professor Lee Soon-hwa (Dept. of Environmental Engineering) is in charge of GENTEC. Then, let's take a look at GENTEC. 
The establishment of GENTEC was approved by the Ministry of Environment on 10 September 2001, and has been managed under the direction of YU, its chief organization. GENTEC's aim consists of forming a local community for more sustainable environment through environmental technology developments, supporting environmental technology to the local community and distributing the latest environmental information. And this consortium is composed of YU (the main institute), and eight other universities which will participate in GENTEC, Daegu Regional Environmental Office and local governments, enterprises, and private organizations of Gyeongbuk province. Then concretely, which types of businesses do GENTEC promote?

  Firstly, GENTEC conducts a lot of research work which is related to environment within Gyeongbuk region. A research council selects research projects and the head of the center announces officers of the research. Research projects are often inspected through the interim evaluation, and they are finally submitted to the head of GENTEC. Based on the procedures, this year 16 projects were selected and the interim evaluation was made at the Gyeongbuk Technopark on 25 August. Two professors (Environmental Engineering, YU) have taken charge of two projects among 16 projects. Professor Lee Soon-hwa takes charge of the project called "Development and Research on ESSA (Embedded in Strip Phosphorus Type and Semi-batch Advanced Treatment) Method of Construction". Professor Lee Cheol-hee takes charge of the project called "Estimating a Special Quality of Discharged Water of Environmental Foundation Facility in order to Administer the Total Amount of Pollution in the Nakdong River".
  Secondly, in order to prevent environmental pollution occurring in production processes of enterprises and to lead enterprises to efficient management in facilities preventing environmental pollution, GENTEC organizes environmental supporting teams and executes not only on-site technical support but also counseling.
The supported objects are enterprises in Gyeongbuk which will improve environment and demand technical support autonomously. Among other objectives, there is technical support in improving waste management facilities and education for people concerned with environment such as environmental managers. Through this support, enterprises have improved their image as eco-friendly business. And enterprises which had had problems in managing wastewater lowered costs on managing wastewater and will be able to move actively on control of wastewater which will be intensified gradually. Many results have been produced and other results continue to do so.
  GENTEC also conducts environmental industry internships. In this system, GENTEC connects graduates of environment related departments to training organizations and supports costs for training, with the intention of helping the graduates to raise their business ability through training in the environmental industry. Through this, enterprises will have the chance to employ excellent people because trainees can be employed as the full-time staff. As this internship is made for students of Gyeongbuk province, those graduates from YU's Environmental Engineering who participate in this internship will have much to gain.
  With the stated businesses, GENTEC carries out environmental education for businesses and distributes environmental information. Environmental education for business was conducted for residents, environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) and managers of environment. And this business contributes to developing environmental technology and elevating the standard of environmental awareness through environmental education and various seminars. Environmental information and technology are distributed to ENGOs, professors, and the general public through GENTEC's home page and e-mail. On the other hand, GENTEC's activities aren't conducted only within the scope of Gyeongbuk because this center also promotes international business cooperation. Through international events such as joint workshops and seminars with international ENGOs, GENTEC is making an effort to present various alternative plans for solving environmental problems. Various international events concerning environment will obviously contribute to the globalization of YU.
  So far, The Yeungnam Observer (YNO) has taken a look at many activities conducted by GENTEC. These activities are realizable and useful for business. It is expected that the fruitful research of this center will influence the research and advancement of knowledge. Of course, the fruit will greatly contribute to the environmental improvement of Gyeongbuk in which we are living. 

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