[News in Brief]YNO Hosts 1st Essay Contest
[News in Brief]YNO Hosts 1st Essay Contest
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  The 1st English Essay Contest sponsored by the Yeungnam University press was held on 3 November 2006. In this contest, 46 high-school students and 27 university students participated from Daegu Metropolitan City and the Gyengbuk area. The contest hosted by the Yeungnam Observer(YNO) will help students improve their English writing ability. The first winning prize went to Jang Jung-min, 3rd year at Heyhwa Girls High School, the 2nd and the 3rd prizes to Kim Na-rae and Choi Da-hye, both from Gyeongbuk Foreign Language High School, in the high school division. In the meantime, Chung Jin-hee, sophomore in the Dept. of Phamacy, Yeungnam Univresity, won the recommendation award. 

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