[Character Gallery] Gaunt Tyson
[Character Gallery] Gaunt Tyson
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Gaunt Tyson              

"What?" A ferocious scream and an infuriated glare made him run like an arrow without looking back. After a while, he did glance back; the villains were no longer chasing him. On his way home late that night, he had witnessed some juvenile delinquents teasing an old and crooked grandmother, riding around and around her on their bikes. Flying into a rage, he had shouted, "Stop it, you bastards!" But, he had instantly regretted it as those were not just common teenagers.
After catching his breath, he blamed himself for his cowardly action, but he also realized something remarkable; he had changed! He had been a man indifferent to others. That man would not have shouted at the youths. He had been an ordinary salary-man with a lovely wife and daughter. He had loved his family with all his heart but hadn't cared about others. At home, he had been a warmhearted patriarch with a strong sense of duty, but, in public, he was seen as introverted, fainthearted, gaunt, and insignificant. He was enervated and had no confidence in public. There was no driving force in him; no passion for life. Life had ticked-by like a clock.
An accident, a nightmarish accident, had taken place some weeks earlier. That night, his wife and daughter were waiting for him at the bus stop. Before he arrived, a bulky villain from a tough neighborhood got out of a taxi with his colleagues. They made a pass at his daughter. His wife intervened and was badly beaten. At that moment, he got off the bus and stood watching the scene in astonishment. Frightened, he couldn't fight against them. Instead, in an unmanly fashion, he persuaded them to go home he didn't even ask them to apologize. His wife lay in hospital for two weeks. When she was released she could no longer speak. He couldn't stand the shame. He had lost his family, his love, his faith, and his self-esteem.
From that day on, he started to learn Taekwondo with a passion, not for revenge, but for recovery. Wishing for the recovery of love and the faith of his family.
By  Soon-Jee Park

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