Get into a Service Program
Get into a Service Program
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  Most people start out with a romantic image of college life. It is, however, difficult to maintain that romantic feeling because of the existence of the 'drink-culture.' Heavy drinking may sometimes be caused by social problems such as the difficulty of finding employment, but I think that the most important cause is college students' own self-centeredness.
 You may think that it is difficult to help another person with his or her problems, but if you participate in a service program, you will find out that it is so easy. I became the chairman of a campus service club. I can't say that I have a more unusual mind or better service experiences than others because I live in the same culture as them. I experience the romantic feeling of college life when I participate in service activities. I have learned the pleasure of sharing, and I would therefore like to share my experiences with you in this short note.
  I think that although many college students may take an interest in service, they do not know how to actually participate in a service program. Last summer, I joined a union service activity called, 'Volunteer Activity of Four Universities in the Yeungnam and Honam Districts.' It was organized by Yeungnam and Dong-A Universities of Gyeongsang-do, and On-kwang and Chosun Universities of Jeolla-do. Its purpose was to bridge the geo-political gap between the two areas and to promote cultural exchange.
  During my five days of volunteer activity, I was able to engage in deep personal reflection. We helped the Hansen's-disease patients of Iksan. At first, I was concerned that their viruses might infect me. These patients had been discarded by their children and close acquaintances. Although they had been fighting against the disease for several years, their minds had not been affected. I realized that they had purer and sounder hearts than we who live busy lives. Needless to say, I felt a little tired after doing service activity in another region. However, the service for which I volunteered caused my heart to rejoice, and I felt satisfied all the time.
  It is a long time since I last experienced service activity, but my memories are still fresh. Chances to do service can be found at the Student Support Center or on the Internet.
  During the last winter vacation, I volunteered for Yeungnam University's overseas service activity in Vietnam. I think you should consider an overseas volunteer program as well as a domestic one. The volunteering service-spirit must come from inside your own mind. Don't blame 'shortage of opportunity' for not getting involved. Look around our society and you will find opportunities to help other people.
  I think that service is the best way to learn to share. You will have a good chance of serving as long as you have volition and a pure mind. Service means sharing and provides an important chance to grow.

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