[Off - Campus, Domestic] 2011-World Championships in Daegu!!
[Off - Campus, Domestic] 2011-World Championships in Daegu!!
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  The city of Daegu made desperate efforts to attract the World Championship in Athletics. Along with the World Cup and the Olympics, the World Championship in Athletics is one of the world's top three sporting events. The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) supervises the Championship which has been held every two years since 1983. Originally, the event did not offer prizes to the winners but, since 2001, winners and world-record breakers have been awarded US$60,000 and US$100,000 respectively.
  The 9th-World Championship in Athletics was held in Paris, France, in 2003; the 10th in Helshinki, Finland, in 2005; while the 11th will be held this year in Osaka, Japan. The local autonomous entity of Daegu, along with the central government, made zealous efforts to attract the World Championship in Athletics. The cities vying to hold the Games were Daegu; Brisbane, Australia; and Moskva in Russia. The IAAF Inspection Group visited Daegu to check on safety, media, financial, transport, and stadium issues on February 23, 2007. The City of Daegu gained high grades from the IAAF-inspectors, because of the enthusiastic welcome they received from local citizens, and the detailed preparations the city had already made.
  The name of the successful city was announced on March 27, in Kenya. It was, of course …………… DAEGU!!!
  Finally, the city of Daegu has picked up the 2011-World Championship in Athletics, and it's now making its preparations.

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