YU Supports English Education for Rural Elementary Schools
YU Supports English Education for Rural Elementary Schools
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Yeungnam University concluded an agreement to support a program to send native English speakers to rural elementary schools that are located near dams in Gyeongbuk-do. This program is sponsored by Gyeongbuk-do Governer's Office, Gyeongbuk-do Office of Education, the Korea Water Resource Corporation, and YU. The agreement was consumated by the gathering of the sponsors above in the graduate school building on 27 February. This program has been implemented in an attempt to close the English educational gap between urban and rural schools and will offer primary school students from rural areas access to a reputable English conversation program. Through the program, native English teachers will teach at elementary schools situated around dams in Gyeongbuk-do. The program will begin at the start of the new semester.

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