YU Puts ABEEK in Operation Extensively
YU Puts ABEEK in Operation Extensively
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YU Puts ABEEK in Operation Extensively

Yeungnam University is to put the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) in operation broadly beginning in 2007. ABEEK aims to promote the development of engineering education and produce qualified engineers by providing the accreditation of college educational programs in engineering and related fields and the consultation through the criteria and guidelines suggested for those programs. Up until the year 2006, ABEEK was carried out in the School of Architecture, Departments of Mechanic Engineering and of Display & Chemical Engineering. Starting in the first semester of 2007, however, ABEEK is to be carried out in all schools of the College of Engineering and the School of Textiles. With the arrival of ABEEK a vast majority of engineering students will be able to use global standards to be qualified engineers throughout the world.

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