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News in Brief
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Yeungnam University (YU) Celebrity Graduates Hold Special Lecture at Their Alma Mater
     Kyul-ho Kwak who was appointed the president of the Korea Water Resources Corporation had a special lecture in the main building of the College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology on 25 January 2007. President Kwak, who graduated from the School of Civil, Urban and Environmental Engineering, gave a lecture entitled 'Be Ready for Water Resources' Management and Utilization.' Ho-ick Suk, who was appointed to the Korea Information Society Development Institute, held a special lecture in the law building on 25 January 2007. Principal Suk, a School of Management graduate, held a lecture entitled 'The Present Condition of Information Technology(IT) in Korea - Prospects and Urgent Problems of IT in 2007.'

Professor Shim Jae-jin Co-Authors a Book about CO2
    Professor Shim, a member of the Display and Chemical Engineering faculty, published a book titled 'Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide'. The book was written in English and published in the USA. Professor Shim worked with Professor Ram B. Gupta, a professor at Auburn University, and aimed at a monograph report of critical evaluation regarding degrees about CO2 or the density of carbon dioxide in the world. Initial reviews of the book by the scientific community have been very positive.

Prof. Park Receives KSCE Writing Award
    Prof. Park Yeong-Mog in the School of Civil, Urban and Environmental Engineering received the Korean Society of Civil Engineering (KSCE) award of writing in the 55th general meeting of KSCE on 12 January, 2007. Prof. Park wrote the book titled Geotechnical Engineering for Practice, which explains practical affairs related to national facilities such as airports, railroads, and harbor facilities. The book displays the relationship between the theory of Geotechnical Engineering and real world applications of Geotechnical Engineering.

Scholars of Wang Yangming in Japan Pay Attention to a New Book by Prof. Choi
A new book by Prof. Choi Jae-Mok (College of Liberal Arts), Development of 'the Wang Yanming Studies' through Eastern Asia, was introduced on the daily papers of Japan Asahi newspaper, Mainichi newspaper and many others. The book has captured the attention of Wang Yangming and Oriental studies scholars in Japan. In his book, Professor Choi compares the modern doctrines of Wang Yangming in Korea, China and Japan, then introduces important doctrines to explain the core values of Wang Yangming. Professor Choi's final goal is to reconcile the modern doctrines of Wang Yangming and the traditional doctrines of Wang Yangming in East Asia, to the extent that the modern doctrines of Wang Yangming in Korea are closely related to the traditional philosophies of China and Japan, showing a possibility to attempt a reconciliation of modern and traditional ideas.

YU Contracts with United States Embassy in Korea

On 24 January 2007, Yeungnam University contracted a memorandum of understanding related to establishing "Window On America" at the YU Central Library with the United States Embassy in Korea. In accordance with the memorandum of understanding, the YU Central Library received books about the USA and other publications published by the United States Embassy in Koreaand the Department of State. YU will begin stocking and lending out the books for students of YU and the general public.

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