Seonam Market: Full of Events
Seonam Market: Full of Events
  • Kim Eun-ji
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Photo by reporter Yoo Chan-jong
Photo by reporter Yoo Chan-jong


 The Seonam traditional market is located in Dalseogu, Daegu. The Seonam traditional market is large in size, convenient for transportation, and well equipped with various amenities for people. There is
a customer rest center in the market. The customer rest center is very well decorated. You can take a rest or use it as a meeting place. There are also books to read, and kids can play in a kid’s room. The number of stores in the traditional market are about 170 and the price of products is cheaper than that of a large market. There are all kinds of food that you can enjoy, especially ‘Jokbal,’ which is pig’s trotters and is very popular in the market. The streets of the Seonam traditional market are clean and well arranged.

 In the Seonam traditional market, there is an event called ‘Cheonnyang Day’ with various themes, which is held on the third week of every month. ‘Cheon’ means the number 1000, and ‘nyang’ is an old Korean monetary unit. With these various themes, you can enjoy experiencing the traditional market by playing games and receiving presents at the event. In August, the Seonam traditional market held an event called ‘CoolMac Day’ where people could drink cold beer. ‘Cool’ means cold and ‘Mac’ is an abbreviation for ‘mekju,’ which is Korean beer. And in September, the ‘University Students Trot Festival’ was held. Among the many applicants, the winners were given prize money as well as a plaque. The Seonam traditional market makes people look forward to seeing what the next month’s event theme will be. Traditional markets have a different charm compared to local supermarkets and large stores, so it’s very worthwhile to visit them.

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