Some Universities Shut down their students' freedom
Some Universities Shut down their students' freedom
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 A ‘Shut Down System’ is becoming a hot topic among some universities. ‘Shut Down System’ is blocking the Internet in dormitories at midnight. From March, POSTECH accom­plished a ‘Shut Down System’, and Yonsei University, Wonju Campus, Chungbuk University, KOREATECH, Mokpo National Maritime University and Catholic university of Daegu are also participating in the ‘Shut Down System.’ These universities highlighted three reasons for enforcing this policy. First, students have trouble studying and living their daily lives, and are al­ways easily distracted by the Internet. Second, students who have had their sleep infringed upon by their room­mates who play games late into the night, complained to the dormitory of­fice. Last are students who play online games after midnight have consumed a lot of traffic data, which is common property of the university. In the case of POSTECH, they will enforce block­ing for a week to heavy users who use more than 10GB a day.

 However, many students of these universities have complaints due to the ‘Shut Down System.’ The biggest com­plaint is that students rights are being infringed upon, because they are adult and the universities have no right to regulate each adults life. Also universi­ties have blocked particular famous on­line games, so other game players and offline game players are not blocked by the university system. Students pointed that out and doubted the effectiveness of the ‘Shut Down System.’ Moreover, some students study and do their proj­ects after midnight, but universities didn’t consider that and went forward with their planned ‘Shut Down Sys­tem’. It caused inconvenience for stu­dents. About the ‘Shut Down System,’ the ministry of education said they are only concerned in safety facilities on campus, and they follow the policies of universities and their housing policy in the case of Internet use.

▲ Although North Korea caused some provocations in last August, people in Korea were not nervous.


POSTECH’s student council con­ducted a rally against the 'Shut Down System' campaign from Aug 31st to Sep 2nd. This campaign broadcasted games for 48 hours for criticize the ‘Shut Down System.’ Postech will con­sider whether the ‘Shut Down System’ will continue after September.

 Cho Kyu-bum(24, Chemical-Engi­neering) said he had suffered from a roommate who played games all night so he agrees with the ‘Shut Down System’ provided it doesn’t start be­fore 2:00AM. “I think making a room where students can use the Internet for studying during shut down time,” he said.

 Chu Hyung-jun(20, Chemical-Engi­neering) said the ‘Shut Down System’ suppresses the freedom of students. “Also in that time many students do their projects,” he said.

 The Observer asked a YU dormitory about participating in a ‘Shut Down System.’ A YU dormitory source said they don’t know what a 'Shut Down System’ is and they didn’t discuss about implementing it.

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