YU Joins Hands with Chinese Universities and Their Government
YU Joins Hands with Chinese Universities and Their Government
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 Yeungnam University has contracted with China Universities and Government
in Chongqing city for a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The purpose is to interact with China University.

 Furthermore, YU enlarges its global partnership with China. The objects ofthe conference are to attract Chinese students to YU and to become a more global university.

 YU president Noh had visited Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing University, Sichuan International Studies University, and People’s Government of Changshou District for three days. Over these days, he concluded an MOU for an academic interchange and exchange student program. It will be scheduled next year at the earliest.

 Chongqing University of Science and Technology has metallic material engineering and mechanical process capability. It is anticipated that they will
participate in YU’s international student car competition (Baja SAE KOREA at Yeungnam University), and they will interact more with YU about material engineering and mechanical process.

 Chongqing University is a national university with 28 colleges within it and graduate. The university boasts the most notable and highly ranked colleges in China, which include: Engineering, Technology, the School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering and Business.

 Especially, Sichuan International Studies University promises that they will cooperate with YU. In detail, they said two courses ‘college 3+1’ (After studying 3 years at Sichuan International Studies University and a year at YU), and ‘graduate 1+1’(studying a year as Sichuan International Studies graduate and after a year at YU graduate and returning to their mother school to complete their degree).

 President Noh discussed with People’s Government of Changshou District concerning the China student and interacting with China’s regional universities. Especially, he met Zhao Shiqing strict chief and government person. President makes a contract with Chongqing universities for sisterhood relationship and requests sustaining cooperation for attractingtalented china students.


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