Who Is He?
Who Is He?
  • Kang Jong-gu
  • 승인 2015.04.06 17:22
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Park Ki-hun, who recently finished his Ph.D. in biotechnology at YU, was selected as distinguished researcher by “BK21 PLUS BUSINESS.” After his entrance into YU, Doctor Park has concentrated on one subject related to biotechnology for almost 11 years and his research is making a lot of successful progress. Therefore, he was awarded the Minister of Education’s commendation. His outstanding research abilities are already well known on campus. In 2008, he published an article in SCI international journal “Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology” that is very influential relating to a protein extracted from Hyphantria cunea which can be used to cure artery hardening. After entering graduate school his research progress was much better than before. In 2014 through experimentation, he proved his hypothesis that smokers age faster than non-smokers by discovering the fact that cigarettes promote aging. Until now he has published a total 13 articles in renowned scientific journals. Doctor Park said that after he finished his work in YU, he will go to the UCSD in USA and keep researching new experiment about biotechnology. Meanwhile, “BK21 PLUS BUSINESS” is a large national project which is supporting about 18,500 talented people who have a Master’s or Doctor’s degree in order to raise their excellent abilities from 2013 until 2019.

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