Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center Opened at YU
Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center Opened at YU
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Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (GGEC) was opened at YU, located in the south of the Gyeongsan campus local dormitory. In 2012, Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and the five universities located the area (YU, Kyungil University, Catholic University of Daegu, Daegu Hanny University, and Daeshin University) promised to establish and operate the GGEC through support and cooperation. This resulted in an investment of over 7 billion won, including a government expenditure of 2.5 billion won. The GGEC, having a capacity of 300 people inside its residence, accommodates foreign students who are studying at the remaining four universities mentioned above as well as 150 people who are YU foreign students. It also recruited the joining of Korean students from the five universities later this year. The GGEC provides additional facilities such as restaurants, cultural exchanging facilities, conference rooms, and support facilities in addition to the dormitory facilities. The center officials said that the biggest advantage of the GGEC, among other things, is that the high proportion of foreign student who live in the facility makes it possible for Korean students to live with foreign students and use their desired language. The GGEC hopes that many students are interested in the center and can increase the flow of foreigners through this opportunity.

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