Parking Fee Collecting Booth Is Shifted for Safety
Parking Fee Collecting Booth Is Shifted for Safety
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The YU Campus Maintenance team moved the toll gate 300m of the west gate. The section between the west gate and previous toll gate was a blind spot for criminals as it suffered from endangered security. Also, the long-term parking of cars whose owners were uncertain increased and students’ illegal parking were caught more frequently. During the past three years, there were 23 accidents near that toll gate. Shifting it could establish a more pleasant and safe campus road environment and make students more secure through regulating outsiders’ access. More security CCTVs for monitoring vehicles were installed to establish a better security system and a one way street next to the toll gate was removed. This construction is expected to decrease the number of illegal parking by students, reduce the occurrence of accidents and criminal activities, and should create a safer campus for pedestrians.

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