“2014 Daegu International Youth Camp” Was Held at YU
“2014 Daegu International Youth Camp” Was Held at YU
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Yeungnam University managed the “2014 Daegu International Youth Camp” hosted by Daegu City which was held from August 11th to August 15th. 89 foreign university students came from seven countries (Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia) along with 36 Korean students from Yeungnam University. In total 125 people took part in this camp providing a Korean cultural experience and an opportunity to interact with college students from domestic and foreign. The camp has been progressing well to suit the purpose of helping to correct the understanding of the Korean culture. Starting with a Dongseong-ro tour and modern alley way tour of Daegu city, students who participated in the “Daegu International Youth Camp” experienced the traditional culture of Korea such as Taekwondo, K-Pop dance, Samulnori and a Donghwasa temple stay to name a few. Also, they formed friendships with each other while participating in a talent show, an athletic meeting, and a South Korea cultural experience recital. This event has been hosted by Daegu since 2005, and it is third time for YU students to participate in the event including this year. This indicates that Yeungnam University not only provides opportunities for international exchange students, but also focuses on an ongoing basis for the internationalization of the school.

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