YU Facilities Changed for Students’ Safety
YU Facilities Changed for Students’ Safety
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 Some YU facilities changed to improve the safety of students. First, YU renewed its contract with KT Telecop at the end of their contract period. Previously, YU lacked CCTV cameras. Furthermore it was difficult to discern faces because of low definition capabilities of the previous CCTV cameras. As the contract was signed again, KT Telecop agreed to increase the number of CCTV cameras on campus, and the image quality was also improve to High Definition (HD) quality. Kim Do-hoon, Student Welfare Committee Representative of General Students’ Association said that university street lights were changed to be much brighter than before, as well as the CCTV cameras. Also, it is expected that the accidents rate will be reduce at the west gate because it will be relocate near the main street according to the Office of Facilities Management. General Students’ Association made a number of efforts to implement those changes for the safety of students on their way home. It is expected that students can attend the university more safely due to these university’s actions.

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