The Tougher Sanction on North Korea Is Under Deliberation
The Tougher Sanction on North Korea Is Under Deliberation
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The United Nations Security Council banned North Korea from missile activity through resolution number 1718 and 1874 after North Korea’s nuclear test back in 2006 and 2009. However, recently the possibility of a forth nuclear test and missile activities is likely to cause tougher sanctions on North Korea says Edward Royce, the diplomacy chairman in the U. S. house of representatives. These sanctions which are based on the Secondary Boycott require America to bar countries and financial institutions which do business with North Korea from economic activities. This means that it will cut North Korea’s international financial aid and weaken them in order to eliminate their activity within the global economy. Therefore, these sanctions will be tougher and should be as effective as when Delta Bank in Macao froze North Korean funds in 2005 which had tremendous implications for the North.

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