Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
Is Restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Really Necessary?
  • Myung-do Song
  • 승인 2014.04.03 12:47
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These days, the restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts is controversial issue at Yeungnam University. Therefore, many students argue about whether it is right or wrong. Of course, both sides have their own reasons but I completely disagree with restructuring. In my point of view, such an attempt should never be permitted. There are so many reasons for my view which I am going to discuss. First, the administration did not explain clearly why they should do that. Their explanations are not obvious but confusing. Second, there was not enough communication between the administration and students and professors. If it is really necessary, they should persuade us first. Third, all departments have their own value. No one could judge them by their employment percentage and dropout rate for example. Even though some departments have some small problems, it is simply something that needs to be solved. In conclusion, it is not reasonable to restructure the college because of those things. If they really think it is necessary then they should prepare more reasons to justify their view and go through the right process.

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