Our University Held By-Elections
Our University Held By-Elections
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By-elections were held at YU on March 18th. The by-election to choose the student president and vice-president were held in following colleges: Liberal Art, Civil Engineering, Law, Education, Science and Basic Studies. Furthermore, the colleges of Architecture, Biotechnology, Basic Studies and Engineering held woman student president elections. The results of these elections were announced on March 19th. Notably, single candidate Woo-kyoung Kwon of the college of Liberal Art lost the vote getting 649 (60.71%) ‘no’ ballets cast. This by-election caused controversy last year for being rigged. Seung-kyu Shin former student president was elected as the 2013 Liberal Art student president even though he didn’t pay any student tuition fees. This caused many students from the college of Liberal Art to make complaints to the central election commission office which resulted in the removal of the student vice-president for that department. The commission needs to supervise by-elections carefully to ensure transparency when electing student representatives.

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