Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
  • Sung-mi Ann
  • 승인 2014.03.07 16:54
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You’re My Sunshine!Let me share a movie with you that is about a deep love as pure as white snow. The movie title is ‘You are My Sunshine’ directed by Jin-Pyo Park. When you see this movie, you might begin to understand the meaning of true love even if you single just like me. I’d like to tell you the feelings and impressions of a foolish and lovely guy who endured and a deep and eternal love. The background of this movie is during a warm spring season in the Jeonnam countryside. The two main characters are Eun-Ha (Do Yeon-Jeon), Seok-Joong (Jeong Min-Hwang). Eun-Ha works at a tea cafe during the daytime and works at a bar at the night. Seok-Joong is a 36 years old, unmarried man who only has a milk cow called “Mok Jang E” and five bankbooks. One day Eun-Ha goes out for a delivery by riding her bike when Seok-Joong accidently sees her in a field and immediately falls in love. After seeing her, he constantly visits her every day to bring to her fresh cow milk, rose, and a love letter. He also sincerely worries about her and the dangers of her job. Unfortunately for Seok-Joong, Eun-Ha doesn’t feel attracted to him because she doesn’t believe in destiny and acts coldly towards him. But this doesn’t stop Seok-Joong who doesn’t give up her and takes care of her when she gets injured by a crazy customer. This acts as a turning point in their relationship and Eun-Ha opening her mind and allowing herself to like Seok-Joong. Eventually they get married and are living a happy life. One day however Eun-Ha’s ex-husband comes forward saying that Eun-Ha’s name is actually “Ok Bun-Jeon” and she is an AIDS patient. While Seok-Joong found out this terrible news he doesn’t get angry or change his mind about his wife that he loves. However Eun-Ha can’t bear to see Seok-Joong going through this difficulty that she caused him and leaves to work at the same past as before. Finally she is arrested and thrown in prison for prostitution. A few years later she runs into Seok-Joong again only to find out that he is an alcoholic. While everyone said that he should forget about Eun-Ha because she is human-trash, Seok-Joong does give her on her and waited for her until she came out out prison. Finally they met again in front of the prison under a snowy sky. The most impressive scene of this movie was when Eun-ha meets Seok-Joong in a prison meeting room and said to him that he should forget about her because she is for him and she might make him sick. At that time, Seok-Joong shows her a love message, “I, Seok-Joong will keep an ever-loving responsibility towards Eun-ha until the day that I die.” and tries to break down the divider between them. Normal people, like you and I, would not easily want to have a wife (or husband) who is infected with AIDS, but Seok-Joong never thinks that Eun-Ha will destroy his life and vows to wait for her until she is released from prison. During the final scene they hug in front of the prison during a snow storm. This scene was very impressive as it showed their clear-pure love. We often consider our boy/girlfriend’s background and past when we get into a relationship but this movie shows that regardless of someone’s history that can love them eternally. So next time you face difficulty in a relationship remember the lyrics, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” and think of your destiny. Will you understand the other point of view without any bias or put yourself first?

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