Former President Leaves a Lasting Legacy over 4 Years
Former President Leaves a Lasting Legacy over 4 Years
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A farewell banquet for former president Hyo-Soo Lee was held at Chunma Arts Center on January 31st, 2013.Various guests from the educational world and politics attended the farewell banquet. Former president Hyo-Soo Lee assumed the presidency in February 2009, and he focused on creating a world standard vision for YU through his “Glocal Initiative.” He initiated change in many areas of the university including curriculum, study, service, administration, finance, campus, and university culture. Former president Hyo-Soo Lee specifically sought to communicate directly with students. For example, he often wrote letters and poems for students. Former student body presidents and the current student body president attended the farewell banquet. They thanked him for his efforts. Moreover, former president Hyo-Soo Lee focused on talented Y type students who develop personality, creativity, professionalism and initiative. During his tenure the university experienced good results including 47 contest exhibit awards, and students who were published in international journals. Seok-Kyun Noh assumed the presidency on February 1st.

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