Aviation Department Is Newly Made in YU 2013
Aviation Department Is Newly Made in YU 2013
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The aviation department was recently established at YU. Recently the demand for joining airlines and private pilot training has increased. This is due to the high demand for pilots in the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, students can obtain pilot scholarships at YU. It is the first program of its kind in the country. Twenty male student pilots passed the physical strength test, the aptitude test, and the background check and interview. Through this scholarship all of their admission fees and tuition will be covered. There will also be a chance for scholarship recipients to participate in an overseas English training program that includes forty eight million won for study material. As freshmen, they will take free major course. When they are sophomores, they must choose a department in the business college. When they graduate, they take flight education for 6 months. After completing this curriculum they can finally be pilots.

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