First YU Students Who Received the Fulbright Scholarship
First YU Students Who Received the Fulbright Scholarship
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Hwang Young was selected by the prestigious “Fulbright” scholarship program on September 27th of this year. She graduated from Yeungnam University’s English Language & Literature and is currently a graduate student. During the past 10 years, students of Seoul’s prestigious universities called SKY received the vast majority of these scholarships. She is only the second student selected from a university outside the greater Seoul area. The Fulbright scholarship selection is based on a fair competition that transcends region, race, and religion. The scholarship provides tuition, boarding, and living expenses at prestigious universities in the U.S.A. Due to the value of the scholarship, the criterion for selection is complicated and competition is very stiff. For example, high test scores in English are required and there is an English interview conducted with 10 interviewers. Ms. Hwang practiced her English skills through conversation with foreign friends and exchange students. She wants to obtain an English doctorate. After her studies abroad she wants to teach English in Korea with a fresh point of view.

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