Two Special Exhibitions at Yeungnam University Museum
Two Special Exhibitions at Yeungnam University Museum
  • Sun-Hwa Oh
  • 승인 2012.09.04 19:10
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Yeungnam University will hold a “Special exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Imdang excavation” and the “Exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of Seo Byeong Oh’s birth.” The Imdang exhibition will be held from September 6th to December 7th of this year. The Imdang site is where the minor country “Apdok” was located during the three kingdoms period. A major part of this exhibition will be displaying the results of research conducted at the Imdang site. One of the display rooms on the second floor is named Art Space. Another theme is based on the results of research that was done on Imdang artifacts, and they will be displayed in the Imdang Artifacts Room. There are pictures of 50 recovered pieces found at the Imdang site. Five hundred pieces of excavated artifacts will also be displayed. The Seo Byeong Oh exhibition will be held in the Painting and Calligraphic works Room of the museum from September 6th to October 19th of this year. The exhibition will display 40 pieces of the master Seo Byeong Oh and his follower Seo Dong Kyun. The master “Seo” was the best painter and calligraphic worker among artists born in the Yeongnam region. The museum opens on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays. However, the museum will be opened every day in October as part of culture month. Admission is free of charge, so take some time to come appreciate our valuable cultural heritage.

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