You can Get Practical Job Information from “A to Z”
You can Get Practical Job Information from “A to Z”
  • Da-Som Park
  • 승인 2012.09.04 17:16
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The Office of Placement Services will operate the “A to Z” mentoring program between alumni who get jobs at major companies and currently enrolled students. The number of mentors and mentees is yet to be determined and all Yeungnam University students will be eligible for this program through the “A to Z zone” that will be created on the university website soon. The mentors will post a page on the site that includes their personal and professional information. At first, potential mentees will select a specific company such as Samsung, LG, or Hyundai. Next, the mentees will be able to browse the mentor’s detailed information. There is no limit to the number of mentors that mentees can have, but mentors will have a limited number of mentees. Mentoring will mainly be done on-line and there will also be off-line job training. “A to Z” does not have written sign ups and students can only join by accessing the school website right away. Therefore, it is expected students will find this very convenient. Mentees can also get practical and detailed information, so “A to Z” will bring substantive information to YU students.

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