Various View Points about Tuition Problem
Various View Points about Tuition Problem
  • Kyung-Yul, Kim
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An exhibition was held by some students from July 25th to 29th in the Central Library of YU. This exhibition dealt with tuition problems in various forms. The pieces focused not only on high tuition, but also the side causes of the problem. YNO visited the exhibition.

This exhibit displays tickets that represent what is needed to attend YU every semester. The minimum price of a ticket is 3 million won. This price represents an average of 30,000 won a day.

In this photo series, some students play at YU like they are at an amusement park, and they have addmission bracelets on their wrists. The tuition costs per semester and per hour are written on the bracelets. This is meant to depict the commercialization of universities which sell lectures and facilities to students.

There are two articles on the one-page newspaper and two big red numbers cover the articles. The numbers represent hits in response to postings on the YU homepage. One of the postings is a notification about the schedule of demonstrations protesting high tuition and the number 61 represents the number of hits for this notice. Another posting gives information about a smart phone promotion and the number of hits for this notice was 8595. The number of hits for the two postings is a stark representation of where students' priorities lie regarding tuition problems.

This love letter is sent to a man from a woman. The content is her love story. They met five times, and she fell in love with him. However, the man didn't always pay attention to her. She said to the man, “You are too set in your ways.” The two people represent the students and the university, and their love story is told in the process of five Tuition Discussion Councils.

Here are various menus. The menus represent services offered at YU such as lectures, facilities, programs, and scholarships. The student cards are projected behind the menu and express the commercialization of universities. Although each menu has a terrible price, 20,000 students buy them every semester.

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