Six Ways to have a Meaningful Vacation
Six Ways to have a Meaningful Vacation
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1. Part-time jobs
Many students take part-time jobs during summer vacation. A part-time job can be a good opportunity to make money and gain diverse experience. There are many different kinds of part time jobs. For example, you can work a part time job at home. It requires little time and there are few constraints because the work is done via computer. Therefore, working on the computer can be relatively easy such as simple Photoshop tasks and word processing or typing. There are also many specialized part-time jobs that most students are not well aware of. Pet dog matchmaking deals with breeding dogs, and, you can get paid if a successful match is made. You can also take care of pets when their owners go out of town. Making wake-up calls can also be a part time job. You simply have to make wake-up calls to clients in the morning. When you call them, you tell them the weather for the day or even morning news headlines. In addition, it will be good for you to wake up early as well.

2. Volunteer work
We should aim to do meaningful volunteer work. There are meaningful volunteer opportunities in rural communities. Many clubs and majors plan volunteer work in rural areas, so you can easily participate in meaningful activities. Students can experience farming and they can make good relationships with people who come together and work. Overseas volunteer activities afford opportunities for invaluable experience that can broaden our horizons. However, these experiences can also be expensive, so you have to check to see if these activities are subsidized. The university and some organizations provide subsidies to students for certain volunteer programs. One program offers mentoring services that can offer a good chance for teaching students. You can teach a variety of students ranging from special education to the general student population. You will also be able to teach your specialty major to eager students. You can teach students who want to find better ways to study. In addition, you could counsel students about their worries, career choices, and aptitudes.

3. Participating in various programs
You can also join new activities which are sponsored by companies. A good example is participating in a contest. This can help you to enhance your abilities and upgrade your career chances. If you put in a lot of time and effort toward making a good presentation in a contest, you can win a cash prize, which could serve as an alternative to having a part-time job. If students win a prize in contest exhibits, YU often reimburses expenses to students who use their own money preparing for the contest. You can take part in publicity activities which companies organize. Many major companies have support programs for university students every year. Selected students can become part of the blog press corps or in marketing. These students can work as student ambassadors to advertise the company in various ways. Some companies also sponsor volunteer activities for university students. As a result, when the company recruits new employees, they give special consideration to students who participated in these programs. Yeungnam University has also developed ability programs that are available to students during vacation periods. The Chunma Leadership Camp works to develop student leadership. In 2010, the camp took place in Gyeongju for two nights and three days. In order to participate in this camp students are asked to bear about 5% of the cost. The Exploring Overseas Advanced Businesses Program is another university sponsored activity. This program allows students to visit advanced international Korean businesses during vacation periods. Students are asked to bear 20% of the cost. The selection criteria are based on grades and TOEIC scores, and the program is for students who have never been abroad. The program allows students to see how companies run their operations in Korea and in other countries. For example, participants will be able to tour Ulsan Hyundai Motors before visiting Hyundai Motors in Beijing. After students finish this program they are asked to make a presentation, and prizes are awarded to those who do an outstanding job.

4. Travel
Many students want to have travel experiences during their campus life. Travelling can allow for students to reflect on precious memories and important life experiences. Overseas travel can broaden your perspective on the world. YU recognizes the importance of this kind of experience, and it supports students’ overseas travel through the Window to the World program. This program provides students a chance to visit top companies as well as university or government organizations in other countries. Students are composed into groups of 2 or 3, and they must apply together. In addition to this program, there are other programs that students can participate in through the Office of International Programs. Both overseas and domestic travel can create good memories. Students who want to feel free can go backpacking. “Railro” which is operated by Korail is a travel through train program that provides students with a ticket that allows them to travel anywhere in the country for a week.

5. Self-improvement
During this summer vacation, you should seek to grow as a person. We need to find hobbies that can help us with that growth. One good hobby is exercise. Exercise is helpful for both mind and body. If you like music more than exercise, you could learn to play an instrument. When you start any hobby, we strongly recommend joining a related club. You can enjoy the hobby and also make good relationships at the same time.

6. Finding your dream
Many students do not have any detailed dreams yet. We need to think about our own dreams and futures during this vacation. Think about what you want to do and what you do well, and then write them down. You may find a suitable job based on this process. Furthermore, you should ask adults you trust for advice. Vacation is an invaluable time to invest in yourself.

If you have a vacation focused on making unforgettable memories and engaging in helpful study or activities, you will not regret it. This off time can also allow you to seriously think about yourself and the shape of your future. Vacation passes in the wink of an eye. Therefore, let’s make a commitment to make good use of valuable time. If you put your plan into practice step by step, you could be surprised at the meaningful experiences you accumulate in a short time.

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