Visiting Joseon on a Map
Visiting Joseon on a Map
  • Yoon Jeong-eun
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:16
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  Cheonggudo is the first general map of Korea made by Kim Jeong-ho, a geographer of the late Joseon Dynasty. Kim collected and analyzed the maps and geography of Joseon and produced many new maps and geography. Cheonggudo and Daedongnyeojido, maps made by Kim, are evaluated as second only to modern maps. ‘Cheonggudo’ literally means a ‘Map of the Blue Hills.’ It is the largest existing old map, 462cm wide and 870cm long. It is a colored manuscript that was the basis of Daedongnyeojido made later.
  Cheonggudo is a scientific and accurate national map drawn using the same scale. It is easy to grasp the local situation because it reflects supportive content. In the margin of the map, important historical and geographical information about individual counties such as the number of households, troops available for mobilization, amounts of grain collected as taxes, the distance to the capital city, and sites of major historical events were recorded. In this regard, it is judged as an original map overcoming the problems with conventional maps made since the late 18th century. Also, it is evaluated as a unique map with the role of geography by including important historical and geographical information in detail in the existing national maps.
  Currently, there are two editions, one each in Yeungnam University Central Library and the National Library of Korea. The map in Yeungnam University Central Library was introduced at the ancient books and maps exhibition in 1970. Cheonggudo consists of two books in good preservation and excellent composition. It was designated as National Treasure No.1594-2 on December 22, 2008.


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