Thief in My Phone - SMiShing
Thief in My Phone - SMiShing
  • Wee Jeong-je
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SMiShing example (Provided by ‘ahjaeholic’)
SMiShing example (Provided by ‘ahjaeholic’)

  SMiShing fraud using KakaoTalk is increasing and becoming more sophisticated. SMiShing is a new word created by combining ‘SMS’ and ‘phishing.’ Recently, criminals are using a method of obtaining personal information by cleverly disguising themselves as an official channel of KakaoTalk. After sending an email indicating that abnormal login has been detected, it guides the user to a chatroom disguised as an official Kakao channel. After induction, personal information is required in the order of phone number, Kakao account, and password.
  To prevent these fraudulent techniques, ‘Talk Siren’ was introduced to post precautions in pop-up windows in chatrooms with people who are not registered as friends and warn users about financial demands. Kakao also said it is taking measures to delete channels impersonating official accounts as soon as it finds them.
  In addition to impersonating an official Kakao account, there are many methods of fraud using KakaoTalk. The two most representative methods include impersonating family members and acquaintances to ask for money and pretending to be a courier to send messages containing dangerous links with malicious code.
  Coping with KakaoTalk SMiShing includes being suspicious of unregistered users. If the person is an acquaintance or family member, check using a voice phone call. If you suspect you have already leaked personal information or been scammed, you can contact the Kakao Customer Center.

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