Popular Support Projects for Job Seekers
Popular Support Projects for Job Seekers
  • Kim Ji-yeon
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‘Imagination Closetʼ hosted by KT&G and Yeungnam University (provided by The Office of Job Placement Services)
‘Imagination Closetʼ hosted by KT&G and Yeungnam University (provided by The Office of Job Placement Services)

  With youth employment difficulties increasing after COVID-19, various youth support projects are emerging. One of them, a “suit rental project” is gaining tremendous popularity in that it reduces the economic burden on job seekers. This kind of project is not only carried out by the government but also within Yeungnam University. It is ‘Imagination Closetʼ hosted by KT&G and Yeungnam University, which was temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, but has now resumed. 
  ‘Imagination Closet’ is a business that lends business suits for free. In the ‘Imagination Closet’, you can borrow upper and lower suits, blouses, shirts, shoes, belts, and ties. Active Yeungnam University students, students taking a leave of absence, and recent graduates (within two years) can use this system. Suits can be rented for a week by visiting the Student Support Center, room 102.
  Gyeongsan City is also conducting a free suit rental business. It is a Youth Wings Coordinator Project, and it is available to job seekers aged 15 to 39 who live in Gyeongsan. This free suit rental project is very popular, with 350 loans made last year alone. Gyeongsan City said it aims to rent 400 this year. Lee Sang-sung, head of the Job Economy Division in Gyeongsan City, said, “Employment has become more difficult due to COVID-19, and we will continue to do our best in various ways to help job seekers succeed.”

  To access the Youth Wings Coordinator Project, you can visit the Employment Welfare Plus Center in Gyeongsan or apply online on the website of the Job Wings Coordinator in Gyeongsan. Meanwhile, the Department of Job Economics plans to continue to carry out various projects such as ‘operating a university job centerʼ and ‘fostering a youth reserve entrepreneurʼ to solve the youth employment problem caused by COVID-19. It would be beneficial for job seekers if they could use take advantage of these valuable projects.

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