Eco-friendly Covered in Fake
Eco-friendly Covered in Fake
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:50
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  As environmental problems such as climate change are close at hand, awareness is growing. Governments all over the world are establishing various environmental policies. General consumers also choose eco-friendly products as a worthy factor of their consumption. Accordingly, businesses launch products for sustainable consumption and implement green marketing.
  ‘Greenwashing’ is a combination of ‘green’ and ‘white washing’. It is a new term that a company fabricates or exaggerates an eco-friendly image to earn economic profits. The term ‘greenwashing’ originated from Jay Westerveld’s criticism in 1986. He coined the word for criticizing hotel slogans that emphasize the re-use of towels. He said it is not eco-friendly because hotels already waste many resources besides washing towels. In addition, not washing towels will save them money. Greenwashing has expanded to various meanings nowadays. According to the “Seven Sins of Greenwashing(2009)” reported by Terrachoice, a Canadian marketing research company, greenwashing can be divided into the following types: the sin of the hidden trade-off, the sin of no proof, the sin of vagueness, the sin of worshipping false labels, the sin of irrelevance, the sin of lesser of two evils, and the sin of fibbing. Greenwashing, such as using non-recyclable plastic parts in advertised 100% recyclable packages, is a case in point. This type of greenwashing prevents consumers from making desirable choices, disrupting the eco-friendly product market and thus hindering the growth of eco-friendly industries.
  The role of consumers is as important as the role of governments and businesses on this issue. Consumers should continue to care about environmental issues and practice wise green consumption. Depending on your green attitude, policies related to eco-friendly products, growth in eco-friendly markets, and corporate attitudes. For this, consumers should grow eyes that can notice or distinguish greenwashing products hidden between eco-friendly products. Sharp insight into lies for the environment and responsible consumption will change the future and the planet.


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