Remeber Our Heroes
Remeber Our Heroes
  • Kim Min-gyu
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(Provided by the Military of Yu Yong-won)
(Provided by the Military of Yu Yong-won)

 ‘Korean maritime border incidents’ refers to the naval battle between South Korea and North Korea in the West Sea of South Korea. This happened several times in the past, but the main battle between them is the 1st and 2nd Yeonpyeong naval battles. All of these incidents began with North Korea’s provocations. South Korea has only defended itself in these naval battles.

 The first Yeonpyeong naval battle occurred in June 1999 due to a North Korean patrol boat that crossed NLL(Northern Limit Line) daily for a week. It could be seen as a clear intention of North Korea’s provocation that the boat crossed over to the limit set during the Korean War. However, since they were unable to launch a pre-emptive strike in accordance with the rules of engagement, they just were able to drive the patrol boats out of the NLL by directly driving them into collision with North Korean patrol boats. Less than an hour after the skirmish broke out, the issue was brought up at a meeting between the United Nations and North Korea at the truce village of Panmunjeom. North Korea tried to let it go, insisting that the South made provocations first. The news of the Battle of Yeonpyeong, despite being surprising news to people, was entering a peaceful mood at the time. In addition, our Navy’s overwhelming victory was rather less cause to turn the attention of the people. In the case of North Korea, however, the incident carefully prepared for revenge, replacing the brains of the armed forces and studying the South Korean naval tactics. Also, the ship was remodeled to strengthen its ability.

 The second Battle of Yeonpyeong began three years later in June 2002 with the provocation of a North Korean patrol boat that again violated the NLL. In accordance with the rules of engagement, the South Korean Navy began to evict each squadron with a patrol boat. But the battle with North Korea began at the time of the North’s unannounced surprise firing by approaching patrol boats. As a result, Chamsuri 357 sank, six people were killed, and 18 others were injured. On the North Korean side, 13 people were killed and 25 were injured. As a result, it was a victory for the navy of South Korea. But our country also suffered huge damage. In addition, problems arose in the process of compensation for the fallen soldiers. Once a soldier dies, he or she is compensated by the Veterans’ Pension Act. Until the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, however, the Veterans’ Pension Act did not have a “fallen in battle” rule. As a result, only a few tens of millions in compensation was paid for those killed in action at the time. Civilians can dispute the government’s payment of such compensation, but in the case of soldiers, Article 29. 2. of the Constitution prevents them from doing so. Also, the news of the clash, despite being surprising news to the public, did not leave much impact as it was the same day as a third- and fourth-place soccer match.

 Reply the warship 772. The whole nation waits anxiously. Darkness and the torrent of the Yellow sea can’t disturb your return. Sailors of warship 772 in corps area return safely to the base now. This is part of a poem written by Professor Kim Duk-gyu called “Sailors of warship 772 return immediately” in memory of the attack on the Cheonan ship. On March 2010, the Cheonan, which was training near Baengnyeong Island, sank after a torpedo attack by the North Korean Navy. The Cheonan was also a ship that participated in the first naval Battle of Yeonpyeong. Forty-six people are missing and presumed dead from the incident. A number of hypotheses have been suggested, but the results announced from the investigation after the salvage of the Cheonan turned out to be a North Korean torpedo attack. However, the North did not give a proper answer and tried to let it go. Thus, the UN and 15 other countries issued statements denouncing North Korea. They also sent condolences to the nation for the Cheonan incident.

 We can live each day because of the brave men who sacrificed themselves for the country. These are the men who kept their duty as soldiers until the last minute and bravely fought back, refusing to give in. We should always remember what they did. Also, the treatment of soldiers should be better.

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