The Direction of the “Creator” as a New Job
The Direction of the “Creator” as a New Job
  • Choi Ji-hye
  • 승인 2018.07.13 17:10
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Do you know about the “creator?” Most people call him or her a YouTuber. This is the up-and-coming job among young people. It is a very famous and popular job in modern society that is faced with an unemployment crisis because being a creator carries very little risk. Anyone who has a cellphone can do a live broadcast and watch the single channel. The creators broadcast diverse videos involved with playing games, make-up, sharing information, chatting, studying, eating shows, and much more.

Everyone can enjoy videos without any burden because the videos mainly deal with issues that are very familiar to us. Many people are considering this job because it is also easy to broadcast. Another advantage is that the job’s revenue channel and operation method are very simple. The broadcast companies like YouTube, Korean’s Afreeca TV, Twitch, etc. make creators’ channels, and the creators broadcast their videos.

YouTubers earn their money from the two sources: viewers and advertisement. First, the viewers that like the creator's videos give money to the creators. Second, by including advertisement in their videos, YouTube creators make their own profit too. By doing so, the creators earn money and maintain their single-video channels while paying a constant percentage to the broadcast company. Recently, as some of the most popular creators openly divulged their income to the public, the job has become sensationalized, as it is considered an easy and lucrative career. As these aspects become more widely known, many people begin to act as creators. The creators are a rising breed, but they are causing some problems.

The first problem is that many creators upload sensational and provocative videos to attract audiences’ attention. It would be good if there is an age limit or a separate set of regulations for each video, but at the present moment, it’s not a viable option, so people are exposed to various, potentially harmful, videos. Children who are still too young to make a rational decision are easily exposed to an environment where they can easily use their parents’ cell phones. Without difficulty, they may learn bad words and behaviors by mimicking the video contents in them. If a child continues to imitate bad things through videos from electronic devices like phones, we can easily imagine his or her behavior can affect other children’s as well, leading to the destruction of language and even a pernicious change in one’s world-view.

The second problem is that many creators broadcast live videos on the crowded streets. In this case, many people on the streets join the videos involuntarily. Anonymous viewers of the videos tend to evaluate passers-by’s faces, bodies, styles, and more and ask the video creators to talk or share a table with them. Then the creators grab a passer-by, present them in front of the camera, and make him or her appear on the air without any prior consent. Actually, it occurs frequently on the streets of Gangnam in Seoul. The damage is being done directly to the shopkeepers at Gangnam. Women who hate this embarrassing situation have stopped visiting there. As a result, the shop owners of Gangnam district have been hit hard by a decline in income. Now we can see shop owners cracking down on live-broadcasting creators and prohibiting broadcast in front of their stores.

Although many problems have occurred from such videos, powerful and effective regulations have not yet been made. Up to now, broadcast companies only regulate creators’ sexually obscene clothes and creator’s single channels if they are full of many viewer complaints. In order to maintain the positive aspects of creating videos and secure the creators’ career, much more delicate and sustainable plans should be made. On that condition, near the future, a job called creator may attract and share people’s interests and help enhance our enjoyment of our stressful live

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