Breaking the Barrier of Bias
Breaking the Barrier of Bias
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Kim Ka-hee
Department of English Language & Literature

The saying “A person is known by the company they keep” means that a person is believed to be like the people with whom he or she spends time. I also used to believe this saying, to be honest, I had thought friends should resemble each other, but one experience let me know that exceptions are everywhere.

Four years ago, my best friend said she had a boyfriend. I was so excited because she had never dated someone before. She and I made an appointment with her boyfriend, Jae-hoon. But, when I saw him, I was too disappointed to smile. I already knew him. Actually, it was not him, but his friend. That was a coincidence. His friend and I graduated from the same high school. He was well known as a bad kid. He didn’t study, was rude to teachers, and skipped classes a lot. Jae-hoon graduated from another high school, but I saw him with the bad kids a few times. I thought that the saying was the reason I disliked Jae-hoon. I wanted to tell the story to my friend but I decided to keep watching him for a little bit. It was a good decision. Jae-hoon was totally different from what I thought. He was diligent, had powerful goals for the future, and was very nice to my friend. He knew why I disliked him. He didn’t say much, but showed me what he is made of. He spent a lot of time with my friend, became a strong supporter for her, and loved her very much. One year later, I respected him and I liked him as my friend’s boyfriend.

Now, four years later, they got engaged. Next year, they will get married. I will catch the bouquet at the wedding. I have no doubt they will be happy forever. From this experience, I got to know that although some sayings such as “A person is valued by the friend" they keep” are considered a kind of truth, they always have possibilities to become an exception.

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