YU Internet Disk System Is Renewed
YU Internet Disk System Is Renewed
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The Yeungnam University system management team improved the quality of the previous internet disk system that provides data sharing between school members and departments. Due to this improvement, many things were changed. All data is now encoded so its security function is enhanced and the network drive which was only available on campus is now usable outside of school too. Also, deleted files can be restored within 30 days. The available capacity is the same as an existing system with students having up to 1GB and faculty members having up to 10GB. The Internet disk application is now supported by smart devices to make a more comfortable studying environment. Due to the data of past internet disk system not being transferred to the new internet disk system, users should completely backup their files before the service ends on December 31th, 2014. It does not require a USB memory external device so it is convenient for sharing data. It could really be helpful for your assignments and team projects.

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