Prof. Park Ki- yong Is Elected to ASAPE President
Prof. Park Ki- yong Is Elected to ASAPE President
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Park Ki-yong, a YU special physical education professor is elected to the Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise (ASAPE) project as the newly appointed president. Prof. Park graduated from the YU special physical education program and also got a doctorate degree at Korea National Sport University. He took charge of the head of the Korea Soccer Development Lab. Also, he was the director of athletics for the Gyeongbukdo Association. Accordingly, he also now presides the Korea Adapted Physical Education and Exercise (KOSAPE). He was elected at the 2014 ASAPE symposium during a general meeting held in China at Fujian Normal University. He will serve a two year term. The theme of the ASAPE 2014 symposium was “Equal Participation - the Development of Adapted Physical Activity.” The KOSAPE was built in 1986 as an international, cross disciplinary professional organization of individuals and institutions. This agency is concerned with the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and information about adapted physical education and exercise, disability sport, and all other aspects of sports, and movement for the benefit of the persons who require adaptations to enable their participation. Park Ki-yong has continuously made it known of the appropriateness of opening in Daegu and finally won the bid for the ASAPE 2016 symposium which will be held at YU. He said that he will work with all his heart on the ASAPE symposium to improve special physical education and he also expects the symposium will enhance Korea’s special physical education status.

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